BELGRADE PUBLIC SCHOOLS- Recommendation for “Little Tracker®”

Dr. Jan Riebhoff is a life-long educator, who makes her home in Bozeman, Montana. She is currently the principal of a large elementary school and teaches in the summer at Montana State University. Jan has 24 years of teaching experience in Kindergarten through fourth grade and recognizes the value of creative, engaging learning activities for young children.

She states, “I highly recommend ‘Little Tracker®’ to parents and teachers who want to enrich the language skills and learning opportunities of young children. It is one of the most intriguing collections of pre-reading, language, and math activities for young children. The themes incorporates visual and tactile opportunities as well as giving the young learner many rich listening and speaking experiences. 

Some of the features I like best about “Little Tracker®” are the colorful, graphics and well-developed activities. “Little Tracker®” is challenging and FUN to use.”

Dr. Jan. B. Riebhoff

Montana School District No. 44, Belgrade, Montana 59714